Lascia perdere, Johnny!


Fabrizio Bentivoglio


Lascia perdere, Johnny! (Do not Waste Your Time, Johnny!) it is a drama directed by Fabrizio Bentivoglio in 2007. Fausto Ciaramella, nicknamed "Johnny" by his friends, aspires to become a professional guitarist and searches a job in order to avoid military service, stating that he's the only son of a widow mother. He starts to play with a band and performes at the street parties, without having a contract or a salary. We're then propelled into the story of Johnny trying to get a signed contract before the due date expires and in so doing we're living his story like he lives it, as an spectator. He observes and learns and so do we. Johnny hopes to make a career, but the story doesn't go so well, he collides with the entertainment world, often made by misplaced promises. Eventually Johnny part as a military.