Il Sorriso di Diana


Luca Lucini


Il Sorriso di Diana (Diana's Smile) is the first short film directed by Luca Lucini and is part of the film "Sei come sei" (you as you are), made up of six short films by six different directors. Diana, a young and beautiful woman played by Anita Caprioli, takes possession of an apartment remained vacant for eight long months. In that apartment dark, neglected and abandoned live numerous insects including Agenor, a spider known for his fearless courage and skill in weaving. Diana suddenly comes face to face with Agenor but, moved by the saying "the spiders bring fortune" and a hint of sympathy, she decided to spare his life. At that moment the life of Agenor changes forever, he can only think of the face of Diana, her big and round eyes, her bright smile.

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