Consortio Centralità di Massimina

Consortio Centralità di Massimina

The new Centrality of Massimina is a urban regeneration project of a dismissed pit in the periphery of Rome, adjacent to the Borgata Massimina, an informal settlement of almost 10.000 inhabitants, appeared after WW 2. Main character of the project, in which 3.000 more people will live, is a service axis formed by a business center, a huge park, a neighborhood services area, and a mall. Such axis will be strongly connected with the infrastructures system of the area, which besides the heavy traffic route “Aurelia” and Great Outer Ring of Rome (GRA), and a new quick link between them, will include a multimodal hub based on a new train stop on the rail Roma – Civitavecchia. The intervention will act as a promoter for the requalification of the existing Borgata, thanks to a careful urban and functional integration between the two settlements, with the ambition of building up a urban Centrality able to play a role on the scale level of the metropolis.

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