Divo Nerone Opera Rock - Rome


Gino Landi

Nero Divine Ventures

Il Divo Nerone, Opera Rock is a unique artistic project where the greatest Italian musical masters joined forces. 2 time Grammy Awards winner Franco Migliacci, musical theatre director and choreographer Gino Landi, 3 time Academy Awards winner Dante Ferretti (scenic designer and production designer for many Hollywood productions) set decorator Francesca Lo Schiavo, and Academy Award winner Gabriella Pescucci for costume design participated in the show. The show was produced by Artisti Associati & Partners in partnership with Ernesto Migliacci, who will look after the artistic production for Dueffel Music and Amygdala. The ancient imperial splendors return again through tridimensional technology which faithfully recreate the city of Rome as it used to be, in the sites where the Emperor used to live. This new interactive technology completely surround actors and spectators, who time-travel two thousand years in the past. The show narrates fourteen years of life of Emperor Nero and all the characters who lived through those dramatic events. 

Before & After