Buccio di Ranallo. L'aquila una città in luce


Vittorio Storaro


Buccio di Ranallo. L’aquila una città in luce is a short film made in 2003 by the local Accademia dell'Immagine in collaboration with Vittorio Storaro under the title L'Aquila, a City in Light.  Chosen as the narrating voice, the character of Buccio di Ranallo follows his city through the centuries. A team of Academy students planned and implemented the film under the guidance of audiovisual professionals as Vittorio Storaro, Lino Capolicchio, Franco Barbaresi, Anna Napoli and Laura Pettini. Of special interest are the scenes inside the splendid Basilicas of Collemaggio and San Bernardino, ruined in the 2009 earthquake.

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