Meetalia - Real Time Application for Italian World Wide Food

Meetalia is an e-commerce platform of Italy culinary delights.

It’s an engaging and new experience in terms of purchasing. The website is available to any smartphone, tablet, computer or Oculus screen. With a few clicks, it’d be possible for the consumers to explore a 3D agri-food shop and view several exhibition corners as if they’re in a real retail space. 

It’s a fun and captivating way to get in touch with the high-quality of Italian food products from around the world.

Once you have detected a product, you just have to select it in order to get all informations about it and about the company that produces in real-time. And then, to complete the order, the traditional on-line payment systems can easily be used. You will get your order in 24,48 or 36 hours from the purchase of the product. It’s a large food virtual market place within which you can find any kind of products coming from small fine Italian businesses.

 The Global initiative is being promoted by SICamera Roma and it's supported by Coldiretti