M9 captives the public with their first VR 360 3D Video

M9 museum wants to captivate the public with its first  innovative VR 360 3D Video.

The 360-degree 3D video was recorded using a dedicated camera that contains multiple camera lenses embedded into the device and stereoscopic rendered scenes and objects were added to the footage in post production phase.

The video present the museum interiors along with some of the most captivating exhibits, the courtyard with the external attractions and of course the surroundings captured as spectacular aerial views.

The video is played in the M9 Museum Auditorium, the largest virtual cinema in Europe, using special 3D headsets attached to every seat.  When you watch the video, you can move around the camera so you can see in different directions. The experience is similar to what you’re used to at the 3D movie theaters, only much better.