Nema FX working on two section of the M9 Museum

Relive the past through a interactive 360-3D VR experience

We’re creating the concept of a live space where visitors are always protagonists. We want to excite, to tell  and to inform using technology. Beyond the traditional concept of Museum; experimenting new interactive systems. 

The path is subdivided into five thematic areas: In the area dedicated expressly to the Kitchen the observer will be lead through a lot of digital effects. One of the visitor experience is inspired to an art technique that use a realistic imagery to create an optical illusion using the one hundred and eighty degrees cyclorama animation. Thanks to this creative technique users could enjoy the atmospheres of the past, spying through the wall.

Costumes, gestures and furniture of each period  will be bring back to life to visitor’s eyes who’ll be able to better know the arguments trough other specific ones. The digital Closet will also offer a fascinating optical illusion. It will be possible to assist to a personal fashion show, selecting different clothes of every historical period of the nine hundred century. The big Video Wall will permit various researches on the Italian fashion history of the last century.